For 50 years market leader 

Companies from all over the world contact SAMP to find the best
solutions to their needs in terms of air handling.

SAMP provides units that are suitable for any application and comply 

with the regulations and standards of each specific country and project.  


SAMP is a company which aims at constantly rennovating itself. 

Thanks to our flexible structure and the entrepreneurship we can face and be in the market in a ever innovative and unique way.

Case Studies

SAMP never stops in front of anything!

The perfect combination between our technical competence and the cooperation with the most prestigious and advanced engineering societies made the realization of unique and extreme projects possible, for very delicate and specific applications. 

Here you'll find some examples. 


In order to achieve constant improvement and efficiency of its products, SAMP has obtained the following certifications


We offer and ensure fairness, honesty , loyalty, transparency, respect for people and their safety


Proactivity, collaboration and the ability to understand what our customers need to achieve their objectives

Valuing employees and collaborators

Our added is represented by the people who work with us

Innovation and planning

We believe in the importance of innovation at all levels, to take hold of the best opportunities, and in planning all activities


With our products we promote the efficient use of resources, saving energy, reducing pollution, and making recycling easier.


We adapt our products to the cutomers' needs, the site and application specificities. We don't have limits in terms of materials, dimensions and working conditions.

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