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The local presence and support professional and qualified customer care are two factors on which invests and believes Samp.


SAMP is a continually developing company specialised in the design, development and construction of air treatment units.


Presence on the market for more than 40 years plus the great experience accumulated and the choice of a high level of specialisation in maintaining personalisation imply constant technical updating which allows the improvements made to be transferred between lines of products, putting SAMP units in the highest quality levels.


SAMP continually improves its products to make them more even more silent and reliable through focussed company commitment to research and development.


SAMP can offer innovative solutions to the market which make its products unique for construction expedients for both the choice of material and assembly systems, as well as the offer of a series of solutions described briefly below:

  • construction of air treatment units (ATUs) complete with control panel and adjustment;
  • construction of independent package units with the production of hot and cold water;
  • creation of energy saving systems;
  • sizing and choice of materials and components to contain the noise level for special requirements.

Another strong point distinguishing SAMP is the attention given to reaching the highest reliability standards.


Our mission is to construct air treatment units giving our customers maximum satisfaction.

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