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The local presence and support professional and qualified customer care are two factors on which invests and believes Samp.



The design phase is achieved through a focused corporate commitment in the research and design of an ever evolving and increasingly reliable product to meet increasingly demanding customer requirements.

SAMP Air Handling Units are fully designed by specialized technicians and drawn entirely using CAD with SAMP 3D technology.


SAMPís production is structured around a line of standard modular Air Handling Units, customized UTA and PACKAGE units complete with adjustment, control panel and electrical systems. They are all designed with the support of an electronic processing system; our technicians are available to assist customers in finding the perfect solution to meet the requirements of every single application


All SAMP air handling units are tested according to standard quality procedures at the end of their production cycle.

Performance tests based on the SAMP procedure are available on request. This procedure has been developed in cooperation with the Politecnico di Milano technical university and in accordance with European Standard EN-1886 or according to specification

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